Prototype II (Fern)

Why hello there!

Let me just give you the links off the bat:

Valentine’s Day Prototype II

Google Document of all Site Content

For my second prototype, the images aren’t vastly different from my first prototype and the content is still to come. I’ll be adding the bulk of it over the next few days. So far, I’ve been trying to figure out how to get a 3d globe onto my “Going Global” page as well as how to have a more effective and useful space of the primary sidebar on the right hand side of the home page. Suzanne showed me this student’s website about Claude McKay with a pop-up globe, which I wanted something of the sort for my own as well. I am also working on building a timeline to go in the “timeline” page, and it is now going to be through the JS Knightlab tool as opposed to the Neatline. I have added a “scholar’s corner” page where something of a synthesized image of the scholarly debate as well as my literature review will go, and I have changed the name of the website from “St. Valentine” to St. Valentine’s Day. I have also moved the “Who was St. Valentine?” blog post off the home page into the Menu item (a category) called St. Valentine. That is where I will explore more details about the saint in particular. The menu bar items are still in a little bit of flux and I think I may eliminate some because it feels overcrowded right now, and I don’t want my content to suffer as a result.


Here’s what it looks like for now:

Site Home Page
I added a new page that will also hopefully have an image and be more inviting. I’m not sure what else should go on the landing page as of yet. Notice the new menu bar items.
Scholar's Corner Web Page
This is where I will put my literature review, once I have fixed it up more. I will also draw the scholarly debates as we have done in class, and paste that image into here.
Right Sidebar of Home Page
I also included this image to show how in the workshop session in class today, I worked with Suzanne to see how better to use this space. It has been difficult to figure how to change the color from white to something else, but I’m working on it. These are all widgets, but they will probably change and now remain the ones they are now.


Stay posted for more!



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