Fern Takes a Deep Dive into Research

Hello Again World (But Most Likely No One Except Maybe Sundi, Suzanne, And That One Person Who Arrived Here Because You Have to Comment On A Classmate’s Post),

Last week, I talked about what it was like going through my first Design Thinking Workshop. This week we, as a class, began to take our dives into the meat of our digital research project. We refined and further elaborated on our initial project statements as well as drafted preliminary social media plans. Additionally, we sketched wireframes and workshopped our projects and wireframes with our peers. As the tone of the course became more serious with the fact that our research projects took center stage this week, I think my own seriousness also increased. I finally got “caught up” over the weekend with replying to comments on my website and going through all of the About Me posts (yep— that assignment from way long ago). I also just spent time getting more familiarized with the research in my own area of interest, Valentine’s Day, as well as becoming more familiarized with my peers’s project through reading all of their project proposals. It was a good week for me, getting into a flow or a rhythm of things. That’s something I know I have been trying to do since last week.

I’d like to step it up further this week. Some other things I have been intending to do: buy a binder where I collate and put all of my readings for the course. Have an additional binder where my research and project design materials go (this would be all my readings specifically related to Valentine’s Day and my Wireframe, etc.) Right now, they’re all sitting in a folder somewhere, a bit disorganized. I just have been meaning to go the store and haven’t made that trip yet. Furthermore, I really want to build in time to work on research and this course on either Thursday or Friday. The first half of the week is great, and then I usually don’t emerge into the conversation again until Saturday. That two-three day halt does some serious damage the steam I have going by Wednesday. I really think I need to keep “the pump” going after I have primed it (i.e. my brain and intellectual process) at least every other day. That means: MWF, Sat. & Sun. ideally. The Friday is kind of missing for me for now.

I learned that giving constructive criticism is a skill, and I was put to the test when we workshopped our project proposals in class. It was my personal goal to give good feedback, and I really had to think and focus— getting into the two projects I came across and being creative and honest about what I thought the projects’ strengths and limitations were. It was a rewarding exercise that made me more attentive and appreciative of anyone who gives feedback, and I think I am more inclined to be a better listener and recorder of any comments and advice I receive going forward (not that I wasn’t already…but even more so now).

This was also a bizarre week where I both got the gears set with trying to get access to the Davidson journals through a guest account & a strange twist where AJ & I may collaborate on a project. The latter is still unfolding, and the former was set up successfully! I’m all good to go and taking a deep dive into the research now.

My goals for the coming week:

  1. Immerse. Stay in the Conversation. Don’t let more than 48 hours slip by without having engaged in something class related.
  2. Buy binders and get organized.
  3. Meet with Sundi and/or Suzanne to discuss my research and where it’s led me.
  4. Figure out what’s going on with me & AJ’s still possible collaboration (which I may take on as additional to my Valentine’s Day project).

Until Next Time World,

(But Most Likely No One Except Maybe Sundi, Suzanne, And That One Person Who Arrived Here Because You Have to Comment On A Classmate’s Post)


2 thoughts on “Fern Takes a Deep Dive into Research

  • February 27, 2019 at 7:03 pm

    I really like that you have concrete goals for the week, such as buying a binder and working on specific dates. This seems like a good way to keep yourself accountable and on top of things.

  • March 9, 2019 at 8:30 pm

    You’ve consistently expressed a desire to find “a rhythm” in this course, and here it sounds like for you, rhythm means flow and/or immersion. So the more you can stay focused on the project, the more satisfied you may be with your sense of rhythm.

    Glad to hear someone else express how challenging it is to give good feedback. I find reading and evaluating student work both stimulating and exhausting–it really keeps me on my toes!

    I enjoyed discussing your project ideas and think you do have an original contribution to make in 2 ways:
    1) aggregating, synthesizing, and making scholarly research accessible to the public on an engaging, well-designed website.
    2) arguing that the commercialization of Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean the evacuation of meaning or non-monetary value: the holiday can still be a strong folk tradition celebrating love.


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