A Vision Coming Through, Fern

Hello World….or at least ENG306,

This week was a really interesting one…..I think it was the first one where I really started getting my “feet wet” with the whole digital space that my project my take. For example, I made my project’s Twitter account and settled on a theme (for now) for my project. I also got more clarity on my research and intervention through our literature and revised my social media plans. I think I have gotten into a rhythm of sorts, so that problem is thankfully resolved that kept coming up in my previous blog posts.

Making a new Twitter account was something I thought about a lot over the course of this week. Sundi discussed with us in class how we should think through the reasons for wanting to use either a new project Twitter account or tweeting from our personal account. We talked about pros and cons of each, and I started having doubts about starting a whole new Twitter account for my project for fear that it may become a dead space after this class ends. Of course, I hope that’s not the case but it very well may be so, lest I develop the discipline, dedication, and commitment to keep it up (the interest I am sure will remain).

On Thursday in class, we had some time to workshop where we worked on building our prototype. After going through various themes on Studio Press, I thought it might be cool to do a “profile” themed website that brought Saint Valentine to life in a way that he— being brought back from the dead at least in my digital imagination here— narrates and details the evolution, legacy, and developments of his own holiday. I found a wonderful theme that really looks quite similar to my wireframe!

This development on Thursday then….inspired me to also change my Twitter account to be from the voice of St. Valentine. Tweeting regularly has been challenging, and this weekend I still have a lot more to learn. Especially CSS…which I am SO looking forward to!

My week in a bitmoji: Punching bag because this week seemed intense and sporadic and filled with challenges (literature review, tweeting regularly) as well as fruits (finding a theme, making a Twitter).

Until next time fellow readers,


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