Prototype 4

Dear Readers,


Prototype 4 currently under the works can be captured in two pictures as it stands right now. I will add more pictures to this post as more pages show up on my site. This weekend, I went through and did some CSS changes and did a lot more REMOVING of things I had after my post-UX testing feedback than adding.

Site Title Bar with Large Jekyll and Hyde Image
The site title and display image originally. The Jekyll & Hyde image is now going to be changed.


Bottom of Home Page with menu bar at bottom
I took out all of the subscription information and basically the long scrolling of various things to click to make the home page more clean. This was based on feedback. The portfolio section is to be filled with six grid boxes (to be done). I have removed the top menu bar as well, and there will only be one at the bottom of the page as opposed to top to had a unique flavor and also ensuring readers scroll past the portfolio section where essentially all of the site content will be arranged. The menu bar tabs are currently filler items to be altered.




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