Prototype I (Fern)

Dear All,

Here’s my website “St. Valentine“.

For the inaugural prototype, I aimed to create a general visual scheme of the website, placing everything in its place and figuring out where I thought certain segments of information should be. It involved revisiting my wireframe, revisiting my theme, and thinking through what it is I wanted my audience to “feel” when they landed on my site, as photographer Jun Lee discussed with us in class. I was silent on quality content for this first prototype because I knew it would be challenging to do both in the first run, and I didn’t dedicate as much time to the quality of content as I did exploring with this theme’s format options and digital display options. I did try to include general informative blurbs on the various pages to help myself and my readers remember what this page is supposed to represent.

#1) “From Your Valentine” The Home Page 

The home page will feature the Blog of the website all categorized under From Your Valentine. This is a play on the historical myth-fact that St. Valentine supposedly sent a letter to a lady saying goodbye before he was martyred and signed it “From Your Valentine.” Legend has it that that is where the tradition began. Perhaps, that will be my first post.  Right now, there is one post (the first post) that is entitled “Who was Saint Valentine?” with a beginning paragraph explaining that this space of posts on the homepage is intended to be a series of recollections of the Saint based on all that I can find throughout my research. On the left panel is the menu bar, which has six items as of yet:

#2) History/His-Story

This is what I thought a creative, punny way to convey the synthesis of scholarship on the history of the holiday. I called history/his-story because I want it to be both a history of the holiday and his story, as in St. Valentine’s story after his death, to his feast, to his name arising in Chaucer’s poem and so on and so forth to today. I would like it to be a long story with digital images, graphics, etc. that makes for an interesting read.

#3) Historical Timeline from Neatline

This page will be dedicated to a chronological timeline of the holiday that I will build using Neatline. It will cover major dates and turning point’s in the history of the holiday. It will be a different temporal representation of the holiday, but it does overall aim to give a story like the first menu tab above. The two are similar in that they are both historical, but different in the way they present information. This place is going to arranged around dates. The former is more about a cohesive narrative that doesn’t centralize chronological order, but will probably also follow a general chronology of events. I wanted this one to have its own page so as to break up information into more manageable pieces and give my readers the option to go the quicker timeline option as opposed to scrolling through the entire written story, if they wanted.

(No Image in Gallery for this one because there is nothing there. It resembles a page similar to the Home Page Blog. It is not like the History/His-Story page which is in the “Landing” page format.)

#4) American Holiday 

Here, I will begin to collect and collate videos, articles, etc. about how the holiday is conceived in popular culture today. For example, one such artifact would include this SNL clip from this past Valentine’s day (thanks, Sundi) and numerous other articles. It could also include images from stores filled with roses, chocolates, and cards. It will be mostly visual with some text that analyzes, highlights, and comments on the present scene. Perhaps, it will be in “walking tour” format.

#5) The Shop 

This is my own fun space I wanted to have, where I will create original valentines cards as well as redrawn by hand valentines cards from the centuries. There is a very rich tradition of valentines cards, which is a more peculiar aspect of the holiday that I wanted to give a creative space to here on this page. I hope this will look something like this from the Mina-Loy website (thanks for the inspiration, Suzanne). This will be built over time. Perhaps I will have one or two valentines cards redrawn by the end of the semester.

#6) About 

Of course, every website feels incomplete without some about page orienting the reader about where all of this coming. Need I say more. My contact information will be here and I will likely try to create a more intriguing blurb than the one I have right now.

You may find my first prototype in images in the gallery below.



2 thoughts on “Prototype I (Fern)

  • March 28, 2019 at 4:53 pm

    I really like your idea for the shop! That’s super creative and something I would have never thought to do.

    • March 31, 2019 at 8:53 pm

      Thanks Addie! I really love drawing and I thought it was something that could bring more of my excitement and love for drawing things into the project more.


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