My Digital Début (gone wrong)

Dear Readers,

Hey there! My name’s Ikra and I’m the current Digital Learning Fellow @ Davidson College for the year. I’m on the road to becoming a freelance web designer (that’s the dream), and this fellowship is akin to my first big step in that direction. For the year, I’m around helping our team (we sit in the Research & Design Studio in the library behind Fishbowl), and I’ll also be sharing my thoughts and insights, discoveries and reflections, and other bizarre or noteworthy occurrences here along the way. 

Even though my name’s Ikra, I like to go by Fern in my blog posts. In addition to me, there are three other people who help bring the better out in me. They are my teammates, 

Sundi, whom I endearingly call my boss,

Daniel, who’s kind of like my teacher/coach,

and Thomas, who’s also relatively new like me.

The four of us together make up the Digital Learning Team, and people always ask us what we do and where the walls are in our office. One of the things we do as a team are work sessions, weekly for an hour together, on our Digital Identity. On my own digital identity, I have been super slow on launching my top-level domain, even though I purchased it two years ago after graduation when we had the option.

So, I finally launched my top-level domain in one of our work sessions. I even tried to put a theme on it that I’ve adored & hoarded on my computer for years. However, it seemed the web had other plans in store for me. As soon as I uploaded the theme and tried to activate it, the whole site crashed and I immediately got this message:


This site is experiencing technical difficulties.

To make things even better, the message didn’t go away. Nope, not even after several hours. I actually had to uninstall WordPress on the domain and reinstall it. And honestly, I can’t say I was surprised. This is like

story. of. my. life.

Of course this would happen to me during my digital début. It was only befitting that my digital identity reflect, well, me— basically that line perennially in a nutshell.

“This site is experiencing technical difficulties.”


The site is experiencing technical, philosophical, existential, spiritual, emotional, ... difficulties.


probably captures it best 🙂 .

Until next time,


or more bloggishly, ya girl Fern


Technical Note: Sundi and I never quite figured out why exactly that happened. My best guess was that I tried to upload a super old version of the theme and that crashed it because it was too old and incompatible with the new WP or had a lot of bugs.









I’m back!

******crickets chirp*******

******2019 summer comes and goes, no sight of Ikra******

*****Ikra gets Digital Learning Fellowship, or better DL Fellow lands on Ikra?*****

***She is to begin blogging again****

Dear readers,

…and I’m back!

The time has come for me to resurface and revive this space. RE: Valentine’s Day site: still in progress. I didn’t quite complete it last semester, have an ambitious vision laid out for the whole endeavor now. When it will materialize (or should I say virtualize hehe)– unclear but not unhopeful. But that’s not why I’m writing to you.

I’m writing because…..I’m actually going to be doing a follow up post later today that is the my main “Friday post”…this is the interlude post to string together April (last post) to now (new post)!

Why hello again. I’m now the Digital Learning Fellow for Davidson College. (My professor Sundi from the class is now my boss…cool right?). As part of it, I’ll be blogging weekly about the things I encounter throughout the year. So, I guess that means I’m back for now!


bitmoji trapped in green jello
Bitmoji of the Summer Months: basically me in a nutshell. stuck and probably a little lost.


Once endearingly Fern, now Ikra.

But I think I’ll still sign this one Fern? Something about it still feels right to blogger me.

Ya girl Fern